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Journal Entry: Mon Aug 6, 2012, 12:02 PM
I would like to show my appreciation to my wonderful watchers by making a feature of my favorite works from them.

This is going to be a big journal! Please :+fav: this journal to show some love! And if you like the deviations, please go and check out these amazing deviants!!

I was going to do it when I made it to 70, but you guys do not deserve to wait!

Birdsongon the first day
god told the planets to swirl around their orbits
and they swirl in my head
making me dizzy
and dazed
when I try to figure out
the dark of eternity.
on the second
he added a mole on the witch's nose
to prove to his baby lambs
that grass isn't always as green
and the lambs have fallen
as it was an evening fairytale
with oval-shaped
unicorn horns
and laddered-towers
for the prince
and maybe they shouldn't.
on the third day
he sat
in a rocking chair
in a house brick-red in colour
near the fireplace and porcelain
tableware with one plate chipped
in that place when its floral ornament starts
just like roses climbing on the wall of his house.
and when they slipped
into the room through the open window
they immersed
into his afternoon cup
gaining the colour of tea
on the day that was meant to be the fourth
he made the water
and the sun
and the rain
in the seven stripes
of joy that divided the sky
in two
on the fifth day he was fatigued
and h
:thumb318965167: ThinkHe stared forward, elbows propped up on the table, hands folded in front of his face with his lips pressed against the backs of his knuckles.  Staring at nothing.  This wasn't the first time he had sat alone in this empty room, and it certainly won't be the last.  But he wasn't a prisoner to this solitude.  No, it was a choice.
The room was his own design.
The chair. The table. The walls. The door. The entire room was meticulously designed and constructed to perfection. It was the perfect chamber, built to perform one task and one task alone.  It was his thinking room.
He wouldn't always come here if he needed to think.  Not every thought was important enough to use the room, and the more time he spent inside, the more addictive the room became.  He feared that if he spent too much time within the empty chamber, he would never be able to leave.  Each thought he dwelled on inside the room led to another.
:thumb317873156: :thumb311678242: Cybernoid Swordsman Qpaint by benedickbana Paradise.My arms ache from digging through
rough and ruin, in search of
I saw it in a whispered dream,
there, nothing hurt;
we were unspoken.
With winter came warmth and summer snow,
And nothing died, just ceased to
walk with me
in paradise.
Unwritten Lullaby
I wake up every night at 2 am.
Left to think back of all the mayhem.
You're no longer here, you had quite the run.
I wish I could say that your ending was fun.
We miss you, I hope you know.
However, even though you're gone, we continue to grow.
As not only people, but spirits as well.
With time and patience we all can get out of this hell.
After a while, I go back to sleep.
Though my words, you can not keep.
I know you couldn't hear them, my words I mean.
But you never know, nothing is ever what they seem.
I know one day, we all must die.
But until that day, I hope you enjoy your unwritten lullaby.
Cyanide MindI lost my voice
choking on my own tongue.
The words still spill out
from my eyes.
I bit my lips raw
hoping to stem the flow,
but ideas still drip
from my fingertips.
A soggy brain leaks, I suppose
and all my thoughts taste like tar
Caving Rib CageWe crossed at glacier paths on icicle footing;
in the hollow and darkness of a cavern where we found each other a second time, you spoke to me.
You told me tales of bereavement, and that the most morbid of all is not slow demise but rather,
it is being killed, just a little bit.
I never thought it a possible plausible thing-
to kill a man, just a little bit.
The calcium in my bones precipitate at the thought as you beckon me from my limestone shelter.  
How does one kill another just a little bit?
   Give me deionized water and make me a paste;
   clean all my tarnishes,
   for I am no good as silver if I remain
   senescent and dull.

I knew my skepticism was obliterated the day you, with your bedrock stature,
through your stalactite eyes and your stalagmite smile,
killed me just that little bit.
To have the one you love most fool/leave/betray you and still remain so in love with them-
worse yet, seeing the pe
:thumb316515456: Like a Delicate Sunset: Dive Into the Dawn Rose by Cloudwhisperer67 IntermezzoI must try to let go
all interpretation meant to lead me
to the answers of my homecoming,
to discover there is only one answer,
having no original question
casting off the apparatus
of these collective thoughts,
the intermezzo of my life-
I rail between ophidian impulse
and hominal dilemma,
the octave of my corporeity-
between diligence and sloth,
becoming overwhelmed
as decisions turn to obsidian-
or to be met at the juncture
in a state of vacuous grace,
[blank]a blank canvas
haunts me; taunting,
mocking. what inky
blackness once
detailed. now so
these bones are
weary, overcome
with lethargy. drought
arrives, as words
sink to the floor
d r o w n i n g
and nothing
is created.
dissipating into
empty air. nothing
is left to be written.
nothing is left
to be said.
:thumb283048654: Thorn
The blood has turned into dust
But in veins is still pouring lust
Even if my hands tremble, are numb
The whole skin is painted with plumb.
Day by day,trying to erase memories,
I feel like a criminal, destroying evidences
I may demolish or at least rebuilt that wall
Still does not change at all.
I need more thread for the reopened scar
How else would I manage to walk far?
And I will always have in addition behind
Something which still carries my mind.
Tell YourselfSo tell yourself to let go.
Things will never ever change.
Get out of there before your hurt yourself,
Get shot at close range.
It takes saying goodbye
To move forward and say hello.
See what's ahead, embrace it.
Oh son, it's so hard to believe.
More than that, it's hard.
It takes all the strength you've got,
And even a little more.
But in the end, you'll be better.
You'll be safer, you'll be strong.
You'll be free. And you'll no longer be let down.
You'll be able to fly,
Leaving that old body behind.
Progress comes at a price,
But you'll never miss the old.
It feels good, but it's tying you down.
The ropes aren't getting any looser.
Or do you even want to get out?
It feels good, doesn't it?
Just wallowing in your despair?
I know you can do it. Just break free.
:thumb317608612: She Called Herself MidnightMy vixen
the raven child
ebony slick.  
She sucks on clove cigarettes,
pausing to cough out flies and carbon.  
She's as ugly as she's ever been,
gilded from glue and obsidian.  
Black harpy;
darkness rupturing
from raw meat.
:thumb304382119: Writer's BlockGirl, we sure would have made one hell of a story if we hadn't run out of ink. the weathervane watch by Dementium A Head.. But no Heart.A heart, A head
Will you love me or hate me?
A door where only one can walk
While the other stays
You look at me with a feeling of sadness
.. Or was it regret?
The knife in your hand decides it all
Where the head is placed on your neck
You grab me by the shirt
And plunge the knife deep inside
It hurts,
It truly does
You grab me, and cold steel breeches my flesh again
Seeing the fluorescent blood spill from me
Again, the knife goes through
And I fall to the floor, watching
You look at me with those familiar eyes
Even when there's no heart inside
Laying on my chest, you give me one last look
.. As if we were complete strangers..
Raising the knife, I see your hand doesn't shake
.. And no remorse is seen in your eyes
.. Because you have no heart,
You left me to die.  
Awake And Alive
I can hear the voices...
Is she okay?
Is she going to make it?
We don't know...
I am aware of my surroundings.
I'm on something soft and warm.
There's a beeping coming from somewhere.
My arms are burning and stinging.
But I can't seem to move.
I supposed I had a peaceful state from the outside;
But on the inside I am screaming in agony and writhing in pain.
This isn't what I wanted...
Is this hell?
No, I'm still alive.
She's in a coma
I hear them talking about me.
But why would she do this?
I don't understand...
Of course you don't understand...
No one does.
You have no idea what it's like to try so hard to fit in with your 'perfection'.
No clue what it's like to not  be superficial.
Do you even know what real love is?
Do you know how to care about something real?
I don't think you do...
I fade to a peaceful blackness...
I know you can hear me.
Oh no..
Not him.
Not that voice.
Don't be here.
Don't melt my heart.
Don't weaken my resolve.
I did this for a reaso
Girl as ColorColor the girl shell pink
or magnolia -
some rare vintage of wine
or a bright Italian circus,
and I shall call her mine.
Color her starling grey
or a sudden shade
of window,
daylight glistening like a puzzle
and I will claim her mouth.
Paint us both some new corner
or furniture,
a fresh tone of orchestra
and ripened lemons,
and I swear I will be true.
:thumb296512166: Gerundium by Only4SeX Raining Blood Chapter 1: Begin the Revelations
The gameboard had been cleared. I was amazed by the simple formation of Pieces against my last three. The somewhat-angelic woman across from me was thinking the exact same thought I was.
"This is checkmate, Shade. You've lost."
The words rang in my head.
She smirked at me, cruel and calm. "Shade, you and I both know that there is no way that you could have won. I guess I will collect my winnings and leave."
"What winnings?" I asked.
"Oh right, we were playing for lives. I will take my people of Indelatra and you have to stop killing. Thanks for the Game, it kept me
rather entertained. Well, it did for a little while anyways."
"Don't patronize me, you bitch," I said with disgust.
"I wasn't, you retard. I am a goddess, and you are a mere mortal. The odds were obviously in my favor."
"They were in your favor because of the dirty tricks you used."
"Oh I used dirty tricks? What about Ro-"
"Get off my island now. Do it or I swear I will kill you right here and now, no matter if you are suppo
For you12 by malaladanila The Rainfall KidThere are raindrops on his fingers—a glistening cluster of perfectly silver droplets that read like some shining, ethereal roadway map—the night that he comes for her with the thunder of a summer storm rolling forward on his footsteps. The low rumble of it jolts her from a book induced slumber, the cover rough beneath hands and the jumble of last-read letters blurring on the underside of blinking eyelids as rain begins to fall. Although it's almost been longer than memory will allow, she knows that there is no mistaking the sudden upheaval of the outside world for anything other than his arrival—after all, it hasn't stormed in years.
          Soon enough, her shoulders and the soles of her bare feet are collecting water along with the hardback that had slipped, forgotten, through outstretched fingers—now laying broken-spined with white pages exposed and its words all bleeding together in thin rivers of smudged ink. The leafless trees seem to shudder, emerging from
Art and His MistressShe lifts her skirt up to her porcelain knees, walks barefoot in the early morning sun.
The soft rays of sunshine hit her pretty face, illuminating the golden ratio of her symmetry.
She twists and turns in the tall blades of grass, shouting, yelling, and screaming her jubilation.
She draws him in like a moth to a flame, completely engrossing his mind, leaving him forever in need.
She's young and beautiful and restless, so drunk on life, but lost to endless light seas.
She raises her umbrella high to greet the rain, a subtle offering to the gods above.
The water droplets manage to get on her anyways, sticking to her eyelashes like too blotchy mascara.
She corrals her once peaceful child back under the safety of the umbrella, crying out to him.
She's entrancing and her son is engaging, keeping him lured in to the siren's call for the rest of eternity.
There's a tingle in her stomach, in her heart; a soft buzz that warms her soul, but keeps her toes cold.
She wakes at midnight in an ice-c
:thumb301099813: Waterscape I . . . by Kalen-Bloodstone The Dying Thoughts of Ayrton Senna                Nada pode me separar do amor de Deus
The hand of God lifts me
As the genius of man fails.
I am carried
Lower than I expected.
A single bar, so perfect in its
Engineering one year ago.
Again, the technology robs me
Although the irony is hard to appreciate here.
The voice of God greets me
As I slump in my chair in front of the world.
Brazil is watching me
Brazil is watching me
Rubens Barrichello is watching me
Michael Schumacher is watching me.
Alain Proust is watching me
He should have been the one to kill me.
Or has he, in a way
Or is this a product of my own hubris?
The hands of men lift me
And I am stripped.
The car can no longer be pushed
To its limit: I have found it.
The helmet is a trapping of a driver:
I have no need of it.
Where I am going, I have no fear of fires
So I do not miss the fireproof suit.
Sir Watkins, cherish our memory
As I have cherished our friendship.
My breath
Time Immortal"I'm BORED. B-O-R-E-D BORED." Past flopped onto a chair and stared at Present, sitting across from him. "Why isn't Future here yet?" Present merely pointed a slim finger at his shoulder. Turning, he came face-to-face with a rather angry looking man in white.
"What?" He asked warily. Future had a notoriously mercurial temperment.
"That's. My. Chair." Future punctuated each word with a slight lowering of thick, bushy brows.
Sighing, Past got up leisurely, just to tick off Future even more, and sat down on a third chair that was exactly identical to the other two in all but position. As Future sat down elegantly onto his seat, Present suddenly got up.
"What is it?" Both brothers simultaneously asked their sister. She sat back down, slowly.
"I just remembered. I left the stove on at home. Thank you Past," After nodding to her younger brother, she looked pointedly at her elder one, who expelled a very long breath.
"Fine," He grumbled, and pressed each of his fingers to the partner on the ot
:thumb318488631: Sneak Attack by NiteOwl94 :thumb306819691: Chibi P.B. by LoraxFan Luna Flower by spotnick97 Free rainbow dash icon by FlyingCookiez My DearestDearest Robert,
Every night I walk the narrow path to The Door, Your Door. (I tell no one. I make sure they're not watching). They tried to keep me from you. Did you know they hid the letters? They hid them, but I found them in the attic underneath a pile of your clothes. They tried to donate those too, but I stopped them. I had a fit and I made them stop. Everyday my nightgown is damp with tears, but at night I have comfort. I know you're with me then.
Already there is talk of moving on. It's been a whole year, they say. I need to Let Go, Move On, but I'm making plans of moving in. They tire of me day after day; not dressing, hardly eating, forever staring out the window waiting for you to come home. I am such an unbearable weight to them. All I can think about is you.
I can hear your voice like a carousel, around and around again. Like children in the park. Ice cream giggles and dandelion puffs. Those ice tea chats on the front porch with your folks, the days whe
:thumb312405230: :thumb311164548: :thumb304030477: Decision TimeWhen there's two of a kind and you love them both so much,
You look into one's eyes and see your whole life.
Then you look into the others and wish that it was there,
But the spark is not ignited,
Completely unfair.
They look at you with love,
And look at you with fright,
But the real question is;
Which one's your whole life?
You say yes to one,
Cause the other hasn't asked.
Though now you feel awful,
Cause those feelings have passed.
You love the one you're with,
But you love the other more.
How do you kindly,
Boot him out the door?
Your other problem is;
They're both your good friends.
And to lose number one,
Would bring that to an end.
So you're in your room, and on your bed,
Thinking so much, it hurts your head.
The tears still haven't come,
But that's surely on its way.
For one night when you're in bed,
And you've had a bad day.
Though you've got to be fair,
And have to stay true.
Therefore the clear choice,
Surely must be number two.
Greed Cosplay by FinalLegacy1 Summer LoveSummer love
Sparks a new flame,
It's bright but fades.
Every second is well spent,
This isn't a game of charades.
Our love is new,
And we seem to be on a crusade.
Summer love
Your eyes sparkle a precious green,
And they shine brighter than the stars do.
Your hair's brown in a curlicue,
Your locks swish, and portray as a mysterious black hew.
Nothing can stand against your radiant smile,
That cork of your lip has my heart racing forever true.
Sumer love
Chances are well took,
And fingers lay entwined warm in your hand.
We seem to never ever be the same,
This is where we eventually stand.
You walked into my life to stay awhile,
Now you've finally left footprints on the sand.
Summer love
The newest joys,
Now came the most awaited part.
What we never thought could be,
Are now shock waves from the heart.
Together the world will be right,
But exotic pain erupts while we are apart.
Summer love
I've never took a chance,
I've never took a dive.
But now I take it in,
Summer love.
:thumb318887656: Here I stand
Here I stand, alone and free
The tattoos speak true
I am greater than you.
Just try to beat me!
I am the tree that's strong
I am the bird that's fast
I am the tree that last'
I am the bird's beautiful song
Most importantly
I am ME,
that is,
better than you could EVER be!
Fairy Manga by CaryAndFrankArts That was a good Bird by FrankAndCarySTOCK :thumb311876805: Will Live in Memory Forever by IndependentMind Always RememberAlways remember my sun-kissed hair
and the feel of your hand in mine
Always remember how much I cared
and way my eyes would shine
Remember the moment of our first kiss
and the sadness of sweet tears shed
Forget the dreams and goals I missed
and hold tight to my smile instead
Remember the love that filled my eyes
as I looked on the face of our friends
Forget all the pain I held inside
and remember with time wounds mend
Please remember the moment I gave you my heart
and each moment spent lost in my eyes
Forget all the times I fell apart
and each moment I told you a lie
Remember that sometimes life gets tough
and you feel like you can't go on
Forget every moment life's been rough
and hold tight to the warmth of the sun
Forget every moment I left your side
and each time I pushed you away
Forget the choice to take my own life
and the words I couldn't say
Remember the brightness my smile brought
and the ring in the length of my laugh
Remember the length of time I fought
But forget that my he
:thumb302431402: Grasping at Wings"Grasping at Wings"
When I was a small child
My heart was attached to youth
Like a feather to concrete
A whimsical solemnity.
I learned of a perfect life
One where my innocence
Prevented me from knowing
What life had in store.
A dark-winged deviant
Came by one day
Took away the angel
That granted life to me.
I grow, bitter, resentful
I do not understand
I cannot understand
Why I lost what I did.
I realize, now
That the reason why
My life was chosen to be
That of what it is now.
I sit, happy, with tears in my eyes
Crafting something angels could sing
And all I imagine on this day
Is me, grasping gently on her wings.
For NowA love so pure
a taste so sweet
I think I have
what's right
Hand in hand
stops time and space
next to you
my happy place
Carpe deim
we'll find a way
I might as well
save the best for today
Calm in mind,
touch and feel
somehow I know
our bond is real
Along with ease
there is no test
I have your love
and no regrets
It's you I want
I want with me
so hold me now
before I leave
Though Ill soon depart
and the distance is far
Don't you ever fear
in our hearts we're always near
Then someday
when tasks are done
we'll reunite
and join as one
But till then
we have to wait
I have a hunch
and trust in fate
A love so pure
a taste so sweet
I think I have
what's right
Hand in hand
stops time and space
next to you
for now, and always
Silly Little Bumblebee-For CelestialMemoriesSilly little bumblebee,
setting down in my hair,
catching yourself in my curls,
buzzing everywhere.
Silly little bumblebee,
crawling over my body,
tickling my hand,
galumphing playfully.
Silly little bumblebee,
I am not a flower too,
I am just a strange girl,
who simply adores you!
© 2012
edited tattoo project by Oliver-Winterborne NATURE'S ART WORK by AtipeAk :thumb300974578: Earthly Angel (V: 1)
All angels seem unreachable, but this one lives among us.
A swam among ducks, but illuminating those living around her.
Untouchable, with harmony surrounding her like the heaviest of perfumes- you can almost see her pure wings of ivory folded behind her graceful body as you watch her move down the street. She's come this way several times before- why? Is it because of the musicians, who she seems to always have a dollar in her pocket for? Who she always stops to share a word with? It can't just be them.
So that's her name- Astrig. One of the street musicians just shouted it before proclaiming the making of a new song. She smiles and listens, reaching into the bottomless pocket of dollars. Where does she get it all from, anyway?
Abruptly, she leaves them to their music, stopping and scrutinizing every poster down the street- soft, brunette hair falling down her back, twining around her invisible wings. She turns around and looks up to the gathering dusk, smiling while stretching her arm

This took a really long time, but you guys are worth it!

As for the Premium Membership Giveaway, I will be announcing winners during the middle of the month. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check it out here

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