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WATCHer Feature! Find Yours!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 30, 2012, 5:12 AM
  • Watching: People's Court

Hello, sweethearts! CelestialMemories, here!

I would first like to sincerely apologize about my lack of activity on dA, life is stressful. But I'm going to keep working, and working, to ensure that you guys all have a successful bit on dA with all of the critiques and comments and messages I can answer! I've been selfish, so let's fix that, with first, a WATCHer, feature!

So I have hit 134 WATCHers! And I know someone could easily just collect some icons and deviations and post them here, but I want to do something different!

I will be featuring all of the icons of the deviants, and in alphabetical order to your name given on your profile you can find a deviation of yours which has been featured! Please favorite this journal and show some love to the deviants who were so kind enough to WATCH me!

NOTE: A few deviants will have special messages they will need to see, scroll down to see if your name is listed and click on the link given to find your message.

My beautiful WATCHer List:


Wow, you guys have some pretty interesting usernames!!!

Anyway! Let's move to the deviation feature. This is alphabetical based off the name given in your name box (or if I already know your real name without it). If you did not give a name, find yours based off your username!

I hand alphabetized them too! Just look at the beginning process of figuring out your names! (ontop of the notebook for my newest upcoming story Death Wears Pinstripes)


Mature Content

:thumb322538816: A Trader From Far Away
A trader came to town today
He came from a land far away
He many things for sale
From freaky clothes to fruited ale
I, being the good soul that I am,
Gave him the tour of the town
I showed him the upsides and the down
When we neared the end of the tour
I took him in my humble store
"This all so weird," he said
"In my town no one bakes your bread
Or sows your thread
You just learn to do it
Or end up dead.
But the strangest thing of all
Is all the silver that you wear
It's on your clothes and in your hair.
Why do you replace it with sand?"
"Sand?" I spluttered a bit taken a back
For I was in my finest silver
His latest word sunk in like a sliver
From rotten wood rack
A heated hateful infection spread
From my heart to my head
Rage broke out cautions cage
"We wear silver, unlike you,
Because we, are not peasants
Who flaunt feathers like pheasants!"
Face locked he looked of shocked
After a minute he replied
"I'd rather wear feathers than rock
But either way I have made you upset
And that I
Free Feline (i think) Adopts by FlyingCookiez

Mature Content

:thumb345190516::thumb322275298::thumb325172088::thumb323399263:my temari cosplay by sblack2319:thumb310049169:Shadow Titan by benedickbana:thumb344479298:Adventure Time Me! (Lineart) by bojangle387 KitesI watch your kite disappearing -
slowly slipping through your fingers
like a defiant act of love.
The laurel wreaths I crowned you with -
sweet Adonis to a maid,
shivering on your cool, wet skin.
I said that I could set you free
but you never would believe me.
caught up
in your curls,
blissful, breathless,
backslidden to the moment we first met.
But I'm muddled in the thickets of your
marvelous mind,
blurred out by
thoughts of
Love Oriented by FinalLegacy1Little Skull Friend by Gonad-The-Destroyer Spring But NotYour feet are nice and warm,
But mine have turned to ice,
Bundled up in Winter clothes,
Hot chocolate is my vice.
You have the pretty butterflies,
Though I have only moths,
Huddled by the fireplace,
Wrapped up in Winter cloths.
You have visits to the beach,
And days out in the park,
Whereas I'm in bed by 7,
Thanks to the early dark.
So yes you are in Spring,
And lucky all of you,
But down here I am in Winter,
So screw the lot of you!
:thumb308577409::thumb296325242:Run among colors by Apeanutbutterfiend:thumb343611155::thumb320124955:ClassicBoatRideInTime by IndependentMindA Fairy Portrait by CaryAndFrankArtscutiee by cutekawaii96:thumb343741260: Because of you
I have days where I want to hide,
Lock my doors and just stay inside.
Days where I want to fly,
Spread my wings and glide.
Moments when I want to leave,
You'd never believe.
I have nights when I am broken,
silly words from the overly outspoken.
Nights when it's all too much,
My head fills with nonsense and such.
Times when I wanna go,
Get in that car and follow the snow.
I have thoughts that betray my mind,
images of a negative kind.
A youth corrupted by words of hurt,
Ideas that make my flaws alert.
But I have good thoughts too,
Ones that make me think of you.
I have days when I think of you,
My nights are filled with those thoughts too.
Not all of my nights are filled with doubt,
Regardless my mind still shouts.
But when you're around it is silent,
My thoughts are no longer violent.
Because of you, my heart can be pure,
It is of you that I have never been so sure.
:thumb340418342: Nuckalavee (Commission)Malevolent fairy
Poison to all life
The demon Nuckalavee.
Riding a demonic horse
Spreading the blight
The demon Nuckalavee.
Enemy to all
The worst plague
The demon Nuckalavee.
Pure evil
Devouring innocence
The demon Nuckalavee.
Black'n white symphonic stars by Cloudwhisperer67 SchizophreniaI can hear them. Can't you?
The voices swirling outside my head,
The empty promises leaving me
I can see them. Can't you?
The beautiful wings
The pointed, black beaks
Both graceful, yet deadly.
I can't hear you
I can't see you
I can't touch you.
But you say you exist.
You urge me to do my best
To eat this pill.
What pill?
There's nothing in your hands.
I place my hand on your shoulder
And feel nothing.
I hear them again.
Promises of peace and relaxation
A world without this anxiety.
Where is it, I ask?
'Come here, come here!' is all they whisper.
I see them again.
Deadly birds, all colours of the rainbow
Flying over my head
Painting the skies.
So beautiful, yet I wonder
'Why such cruel beaks on such beautiful birds?'
You are here again.
Forcing me to eat nothing
Though something falls down my throat.
You tell me to stay in my room.
But there are no walls around me.
Only my companions,
The birds,
The voices,
The sky.
That is all that is in this world.
Breaking a PromiseEcho.
In the back of your head.
You know that I trusted.
So tell me,
Does it haunt you?
Don't get lost.
Don't get lost in the echo
That rings in your ears.
I could hear the glass shatter
All the way from across the world.
No, I don't hate you.
Hate is too over used.
I loathe you
For allowing myself to trust you
One more time.
Because of YouThis love you've created
Such beauty within
The life of the hurting
Can finally end
My wings are now spreading
I fly in the wind
Your hand I am holding
My heart's on the mend
I know I am lucky
Because in this end
The darkness is broken
And light filters in
PaperIn this crumbled up piece of paper,
Your emotions have been hidden.
So long ago,
The words of your love song were written.
These are the words I long for;
I gaze at this paper in unbreakable stares.
Thoughts and confusion engulf me,
But in the inside my heart flares.
I search in the crowds and see you there,
As your eyes whisper out "I love you."
But I don't know what's going on anymore,
Is it that I feel this way too?
Dizzy and falling into the darkness,
I've been used to for many years.
I hide down here to rush away,
And block all of my indefinite fears.
I don't want to open up;
No I don't want to become your puppet.
I'll head back to the enigma and quandary that I was,
Keeping my thoughts in a locket.
I know this seems wrong,
Like I am just running away.
But in the end I know nothing will become easier,
And my heart will fray.
Mini Rigby plushie by LoraxFan regardless of where and which roads (write)i. so today we get together
   as per your request
   today you (at last) confess to me
   i watch you narrate
   the e.e. cummings you've
   kept chained in your rhythm,
   in your beats and paces and all other nooks
   and crooks
   and hidden places
   i've secretly always known existed
   i want you to start writing today
ii. you tell me you believe
    in your ability
    to write the words i always knew you whispered;
    steaming at the hearts of other girls
    turning them to froth
    while i watch my own heart
    shrivel like dregs
    in the same cup of cappuccino
    i've always been drinking off drought
iii. i am screaming even in my softest tissues
     blaming my body for my hearts' issues
     admit to me
     (your best blue jeans and bravery set forth)
     read me unspoken
     find it futile to resist (dear me)
     by grace you do and you do
     admit to me
     my meth, my myth
     how (i never have the courage to say)
     i am your greatest muse
rouging skyscape by DementiumAboriginal Art by divafica The Raining Blood Saga (So far)Our story starts with a bold young man,
Who after losing a "game" sails out of his land
To search for the meaning of his life
Bringing with him his beloved ten scythe
He leaves his island to his servant, Nike
Who was a descendant of his late wife
After his master left, he made his plan come alive
To take over Demonia and to destroy every Demonis sibling that strived
Meanwhile, we go back to Shade
Who runs into his Rival, H
Who was a little ingrate who was held responsible for Ella's fate
Shade refused to bow to her
So Devera's citizens perished without a word
Along the way, we arrive at Stalaria
The home to the demi-gods of Demonia
Sheath, Gaia, Pandora, Senterra and Nova
Were some of the siblings that resided here
With Senterra's presence, the city glowed like a chandelier
Eventually, with his siblings, Shade came back
Only to find they were under attack
Alas! Nike was planning something all along
And Shade had only made him so strong
Eventually taking over his master's game,
Nike end
Deep Within the Confines of Her Mind                                                                                  Tick Tick Tick
                                                                                 Tock To
:thumb344006335: Peepholes Into the SoulAs I was thinking this evening, I was faced with this eternal question we're all confronted with at one time or another- Why. In my case, it was why do I write. A very good question, which I answered with this:
I write because, honestly, there's so much going on in my head that I can't bare to keep it all trapped within myself. It's a barrage of an eternal hurricane that is the cause of my being but yet hinders me so. Uncountable thoughts I want to share, create- to show you my world as I take your hand, then, maybe you could even share your own with me. Exploration of thought, represented in the most vibrant of colors that wave slowly in the cool breeze. The ripples that reflect in the turquoise waters of my mind, the slight overhanging branches that dip gracefully into the river…I want to show you it all, every single last drop of my conscience.
My origin of art is easily guessed- I was born from artists, and artisan blood will always run in my veins. But, people always inquir
Last Goodbye
This is the last goodbye,
I'll every say,
For the heartache I feel,
Every day,
Has taken over,
A once-innocent mind,
And left me with a feeling,
That is empty,
I can't take this pain,
In my heart,
It burns inside,
And tears me apart,
To pick up the pieces,
Would only shatter me more,
I think I'll just sit here,
And be torn...

Mature Content

Rose by FrankAndCarySTOCKflowers18... by abravia1Miku Hatsune COLORED LINE ART by PrincetonsMonsterSmile by Only4SeX:thumb316772794: Peacock dressesPeacock dresses swirl with shades of the night,
Contrasting against the sea of smiles.
The wheel of the ladder is the hardest thing to grasp
With the coolness of another's hands.
Golden wheat to cherry pink,
Emerald green to rippled blues
Swarms of buzzing hues.
Wisps of smoke float past me, leaving me in the corner. Alone.
By a flick of a paintbrush, a stranger of purple appears.
He bows and takes my hand, merging our two colours on the canvas.
The Royal begins to take the lead, caressing me and
Simply increasing our territory.
And as we grow old together, the foundation fills with splatters
Like a range of berries bursting and popping,
Symbolising our offspring. And so the cycle goes on.
The wheel of the ladder is the hardest thing to grasp
With the coolness of another's hands.

*CFPDonate has no deviations to showcase

The Sea Through Your Eyes        The wind ripped around me, tearing at my hair and fragile skin.  I felt as though my eyes were forced open by the breeze, as if the world wanted me to take in every last moment left.  Everything was surprisingly white and blur from up here.  The ocean no longer appeared purple and green, but for once my eyes were clear and I saw the true blue.  The sky was light blue with perfect white clouds dotting it.  Today was beautiful.  This was how I would want to remember the world.
I tucked my hair behind my ears and smoothed down my white dress, though it was to no avail.  The wind was determined to cause my strands of hair to catch in my lips and tremble with each of my limited breaths.  I walked to the edge of the cement bridge.  It stretched as far as I could see on either side.  At each end lay towering buildings and thin palms.  I shook my head and returned my gaze to the churning waves and perfect sky.  The world was too artificial, what I needed now was to squint in the dying
To breathe the curve and then the coil,
The bulge of arm, the pull and spoil.
He levels arrow true in place
As muscles flex in rhythmic grace.
The tune and sinew of his bow
When now at last he lets it go
Towards rearing Horse Head nebulae
While I'm in awe and full entranced.
He ne'er gives me a single glance
Yet do I mind in spite the day;
It is for me that he aims high
To stay the target his first try.
With stars that set himself ablaze,
And claims the prize with self-same mark.
What legend brands his epic phrase
While 'twixt the galaxies we spark.
:thumb295523625::thumb330825241: Sonnet IVIf I ponder how each hour is spent,
Softly drift' along the motionless tide;
'Dark fresco, none so black which one may hide,  
Or voice to suffer my minds discontent.
Where art thou maker? beyond the night bound,
Heartfelt words lost to the silent solace;
Or with thy blood stain the sacred chalice,
I kindly ask a voice that hath no sound.
That voice, thus replies, "What need there be,
For a Man or Woman cloak'ed in sin;
Which will Illumine even densest hole,
Resounding the deep with his elegy"
And thus I wept knowing "what need there in,
To remember thyself without a soul".
:thumb334338654::thumb343771053: SehnsuchtOctober again;
and the curtains billow
with broken glass echoes and
Mendelssohn's bride waltzing
to better times

She becomes the rain,
and breaks her own heart as the sound
right through us.
Gun Violence
((Sorry if it seems like I'm all over the place and if it doesn't make sense. I really didn't want to get into too much detail because this is something I'm not too comfortable with writing about/talking about and I only had a limited amount of time to write it. 35minutes to be exact  ._. If anyone really wants me to add more actual information and try to rewrite this so it's easier to understand then just tell me and I'll try. ))
I was going to try to make this a comparison between the gun laws in three different places but I changed my mind. Sorry if you were looking forward to that instead I can try to later add some of that on here. Right now I want to talk about gun violence and some of the things that have gone on in America. I'm sure that by now everyone has heard of the Sandy Hook incident, if not then don't worry. All you need to know right now is that there was a 20year old man who killed his mother at her house, then drove down to Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT wh
:thumb318385677:He's Back by NiteOwl94 We Must Betray To LiveEvery way you look,
he is still not there.
He won't approach us.
He wouldn't dare...
No where to run,
is there even a way out?
Why can't we focus?
These mental voices just shout!
I would like to help you,
if you will trust me....
I'm lost as well,
darkness is all I see.
Where are we anyway?
Why is it us?
He never tells anything,
we'll have to survive with trust.
We are only 2,
there are definitely more.
Who might they be?
And will they help even the score?
This is HIS game!
We're stuck in his bag of tricks,
His sense of humor is twisted.
He keeps throwing more decisions into the mix.
We have to get out soon!
We could very well die!
The Prisoner's Dilemma,
is the strategy we're forced to try.
Who will you trust?
who is planning to betray?
He made this life-or-death...
All we can do is pray.
Pray that we judged correct,
that we know which ones are acting.
We mustn't panic now!
Our judgement can't be lacking.
This sick game,
it might change us all.
We may try to survive,
and cause others
pendulumthe world
is hanging 
by a thread -
    we are
clutching at the earth,
    hands thrust deep
 deep into the dirt,
      feet dangling,
:thumb252454819: Addiction . . .

AddictionReturned from the abyss,
by your hand I creep,
creep forth to the sunlight.
Your amber hair calls me back,
my hopes are up.
I learn the ropes,
in these strange lands,
as well as defeat my Kraken.
My gaze torn from you,
my soul creeps back;
it's worst abyss yet.
Your hair,
once more,
calls me home.
I'm torn between two worlds,
worlds which despise me as well as love me;
worlds that trust me,
yet do not give me liberty.
Worlds which,
in the end,
will drive me once more to the abyss which is said to be my soul.
And yet,
when I scream within the year that is the night,
I am torn.
Worlds cross my vision,
intermixing and changing as one as they mix to regain control,
control of the universe that is my life.
Life creeps by,
as my soul did once,
seeking the best of me.
Long ago,
I'd have met those amber curls,
those twinkling eyes,
those rosy cheeks,
those somber lips;
but yet once more,
when it calls me,
I am once again called to the abyss.
My life,
forever torn between two wo
:thumb340600200::thumb344546050::thumb341830662: Letters Versus MeChronic
Words floating through space,
The universe of a song.
No beat is that long,
And the song comes to a close.
The letters fall, and rise again.
They just be,
Unlike me.
I fit these words into a puzzle.
... by KittiRawr .:Time Capsule:. Introduction: Vague MemoriesI don't have many memories of being a child
Frankly, I don't think anyone else can remember their childhood clearly
I do remember though, vague times in my life, whereas they are important.
Many of which, either significant or not, are the only things I remember.
As a child, I found myself either playing around with toys I've found in my grandparent's basement, or simply watching recorded VHS tapes of children's shows on the old TV.
I am truly grateful for wonderful grandparents who took care of me.
Before I continue on with my story of early childhood (as far as I can remember),
I'd like to make a few background notes: My father had left to the care of my grandparents, as he does whatever he really did, I should ask him about it but he seems rather vague or doesn't remember much.
Anyways, as far as I can recall, I do remember the sun slowly settling beneath the horizon of trees. It was a cool autumn day and the last set of children was picked up from the daycare by their parents. I'd
Music Language
    Music Language
In every whisper, we can only spell the sounds of you,
They may not believe it or having any single clue
That we all are united throughout a source of goodness
Not a living god, but art which erases all the sadness.
If in this world there really exists a miracle, that must be you,
My soul was locked in a lamp ,lost by a mad genie, searching for cure
Finally you found what needed , buried in sand, the magic key
You are the shadow savior ,sent from above deliberately.
If you didn't exist, that would be life's biggest mistake
How would I be here, with a cross so difficult to take?
It doesn't matter if they say world will burn or drown,
With you-placed on five lines, I will never go back down.
Photo 2 by krissy6:thumb344297757::thumb337038297:cc concepts2 by spartan-lockeCamping Trip with Gemini by artest-pad:thumb314967869: My love.Don't take it lightly
Don't forget
Don't just say it and not mean it
Don't use it to get closer
Don't use it as motivation
Don't abuse it or break it
Don't dirty its name
Don't spoil it in the slightest
Don't turn it into a lie on snakes lips
Don't shun it
Don't ignore it
Don't take it for granted
Just because I say it a lot
Doesn't make it any less important
It just means, I need you to know
That I love you.
:thumb321959971:Petals and Bullets by Lightningbutterflies Forever the Love of HorrorViridian strands of grass shimmered in the moon’s pearlescent beams. Heavy velveteen dresses sighed in the midnight winds as outstretched hands interlocked. An expected sense of heaviness seemed to weigh the group of seven gathered in the cemetery.
Harsh brogues filled the night air, staccato cadences slipping through the limbs of gnarled trees and wafting toward the stars’ eerie glow. The voices tapered off, stark silence their only remnant.
Sickening cracks began to echo from the dirt beneath their feet. One by one, they fell to the ground, a single figure left standing. Breaths faded, strangled gasps falling from their mouths. The final female stood, face and posture relaxed.
A single booming laugh washed through the bare trees, they seemed to shrivel. The woman knelt.
“Weakling humans thought they would live. Preposterous!” Gravel fell from his mouth as his peeling skin slid to the now blackened grass.
“Oh! There you are, my dear.” He beckoned
Distorted reflection by Lil-GreenieWater Goddess by LillianAStorm Idylliche always spoke of the romantic stance in a smoker
whose every gasp was like a suicidal swansong, he
wrapped himself up so tightly in unwarranted wishing, when
they stripped him free, he then stumbled into the sunlight
and burnt [out]
no one laced his pillows with lavender and moonbeams
and all the other things that call dreams out from
hiding; but he still prayed upside-down overdone
every evening for a falling star to find its way
back home.
instead, they surrounded him with [a grain of]
salt circles like curses to draw out the weaknesses
temptation had embedded in him, because
nothing beautiful was ever built atop a rotten foundation
(one exception: architecture of shattered resplendence)
and no one ever got anywhere by treating the
thorns in their side as a reminder to remain
more prominent than the injuries they would inflict.
he's broken (he does not reflect) he wanes and worries
as his heart choruses "not enough," ever-growing
as his fears acclimate and his pulse sings- some
Last NightLast night, I told him how I felt. Last night, I told him I fell in love with him. Last night, I told him about the way he looked at me. Last night, my heart was stripped completely bare of all it's insecurities. Last night, all emotions were poured out. Last night, my heart has never felt so relieved. Last night, he told me that it was okay. Last night, I finally told him about how it happened; how I didn't just "fall" for him... But how I fell *in love* with him.Spring Fairy by MaiaQQArtflower - I miss you by malaladanilaRed Bird Watching the Horizont by Vincent2215I'm feeling the life! by maximo10 A sea-like lover.I have a lover like the sea;
he changes and washes
stretches wide and
smells delicious...
I have lover like the shores;
he's got June-like dunes
and softish sands
that stroke and lap your feet.
I have a lover like the breeze;
that warm breeze,
that draws you close with sticky skin,
cuddling you waist deep.
I have a lover like the depths;
his ever sinking empathy
drags you down,
down with understanding.
I have a lover like the spray;
fresh, sprite
surprising, quick
laughing and bright.
There are many aspects of the sea
that fit him well
the wild, the worldly, the universal and swell.
I am most thankful for one un-sea-like lover
in this one truth; an ocean can't be held.
:thumb342913259::thumb207267521::thumb333629528::thumb321123890: On To My Funeralcome in out of the rain.
come in, though it's a parlor.
i know u didn't mean to show up,
but now u can have a cup,
thanks for showing up,
to my funeral.
i need a place to lay,
and u need a place to stay,
hit me up.  we'll strike a deal.
and i'm just guessing that you know how i feel.
just thanks for showing up... my funeral.
whatever u do, don't cry.
save that shit for u.
'cause someday you're going to die.
don't be sad.
was a wonderful life i had.
i am scared.
if u would?
hold my hand, in yours,
so warm.  and if u could?
nevermind.  just thanks for showing.
and maybe, you never know me.
i'll do the same for you.
whatever u do, don't cry.
save that shit for u.
'cause someday you're going to die.
don't be sad.
was a wonderful life i had.
Pandora's Box Has Been OpenedDare I ask about your past or do I keep mum,
because I really do not wish to get into my own
share of mistakes and blunders when they only
make everyone look at me differently and with
a taste of disdain. Let's keep quiet and run off
into the night like it's our last and let the clocks
keep on ticking, shaving seconds from our lives
that still have a lot left living to do. There are
plenty wrongs left to be made and even more
reasons keep fighting for what we have left.
I have you and you have me and I just wish
you could see that was more than enough
in this cycle of love and pain and hurt
and heartbreak. I will always be there to
piece you back together and wipe away
your tear-stained face and I just hope
you know I'm not going anywhere in
this place if you aren't right there with me.
You're like a puzzle that's never been solved
and my greatest challenge but my eyes will
never see another moment of rest until I've
figured out every last intricacy and quirky
bit of you that makes you

Mature Content

She no longer knows.a swirling shadow claims her pail allure.
Her face a memory that I once prized
buried in ghouls born by an evil pure
that through her, render true desires disguised.
the shadows I endeavor to, just, graze
in my hand shades dissolve, and leave a fear
and broiled skin. Tempests breed upon the haze,
that strikes and smolders those that stray a-near
perhaps a brightened blaze would clear the shade,
or mayhap I could cloak the light, and stare
as specters fade away - absolving maid
Of broken soul, its hatred through despair.
Her burdened surface I attempt and trudge,
Her spirit I only can try and judge.
Snow, for the first time in seven years. by PenguinnpitaWaiting For Christmas by Aparicio94 LullabyCrystalline droplets of rain pattered against the window panes, twirling and glinting as they fell to the ground and splintered into a million glittering shards. The wind howled through the tree branches. The night air was freezing cold.
It was warm inside the small apartment tucked into the suburbs. The heater was turned all the way up, and the peachy walls radiated a soft warmth. Framed family portraits lined the walls, lingering memories of those long gone. An assortment of paintbrushes and sketches littered the carpeted floor. A middle-aged woman was curled up on a bare couch, fast asleep.
In her hand she held a small photograph depicting a woman and a young child.
Once, the child was scared -- terrified -- of thunderstorms.
Once, the woman would have sung the child to sleep.
Once, the woman would have reassured the child, telling her that everything would be fine in the morning.
Once, the child would have slowly drifted off to sleep, comforted by her mother's presence.
But those d
:thumb342466203:Pretty flowers~2 by BluebirdApples ImagineI watched you sitting there, in front of the window, alone
with the scent of night, as if you were caught in
a moonbeam spider web, alone
with pen and paper
I love to watch you
writing left-handed,
as if your words needed protection
With this absent-minded look
in your ocean blue eyes
which see more than all the others see - maybe
they see things more clearly, or rather
they see them how they really are
I love to watch you
breathing life into dead things
and turning sentences into melodies
How you´re able to give the little things significance
and write down what life keeps quiet about
You can make the stones cry and
bring a smile on the lips of the inconsolables,
apply a plaster on a broken heart with a couple of sentences,
you can drown out the ticking of the clock
and stop the world for a handful of seconds
You paint rainbows across thunderstorm-shadowed faces
and jot down the notes of the songs only hearts can sing,
you can touch my body more intensely with a few letters
than other

*Mimzzy101 has no deviations to showcase

S-Z and #'s
Leather Corset by Nerds-and-Corsets Exhibit 13This story is inspired by the Blue Man Group's Exhibit 13 (and subsequent Mandelbrot No. 4, which is hidden in the same track on the CD).  The compilation is available on Spotify, and I highly recommend you listen along (with headphones) for the full effect.
The protagonist is a young man with the extraordinary ability to control the elements.  Everything you can find in nature is under his command whenever he wills it.  And he is not alone in this.  The entire population of his small, hidden village also had these powers.  But not too long ago, the village was found, and the secret abilities of its inhabitants were discovered by explorers.  They captured the villagers, one by one, and locked them up in an underground laboratory where scientists studied and tried to emulate their powers using whatever means possible, even torturing them to induce a supernat
:thumb345085909::thumb340051813:Arceus and his babies sleeping by ZentryofChrist1 HidingYou insist on hiding,
Don't you my sweet?
You hid from me,
For most of my life...
No matter how far you run,
How many miles you burn,
I will always find you.
I always will.
True love,
It took me this long to find,
And i will fight for it,
Every single day.
You are my world,
My point on the horizon i am always moving toward.
My rainbow,
Forever chased yet never gotten.
You are the beauty on a rainy day,
And my star to lead the way.
My light in the darkness,
My one true need.
True love...
No matter how far you go,
How many miles i have to scour for you,
I will find you.
I promise you that.
Left Behind by spotnick97Scanner VS DSLR XD by OakJum9014 Lift Me Up, Hold Me Down                  Up.
        Greater, skywards.
   Floating, existing, cresting.
Summit, zenith , gravity, crash.
   Falling, colliding, tumbling.
       Lesser, earthward.
OC Kazumi by SuperMarioShippuden:thumb320167722: Two different beingsOne holds the feeling
one holds the feeling
I tell a story
i say something worth while
About one person that I hate
about the one I care for
This person killed my life
he started another one
He crushed everything I cared about
he make everything so much better
He doesn't deserve to live
he is so important
It's funny
how so?
You see him as an angel, but to me he's the devil. Why is that?
well my friend, that's how it works. We each have our own perspective.
We're human.
yes. Even if it's the same person, we each have different feeling toward him as well
It's only natural
it's okay for us to feel individual.
for us beginning individual is okay.
ReassuranceI feel you man
life got you down?
you don't see any pint
or anyway out
What tomorrow brings
will just have to wait
but as for now
it'll be okay
It will all be
at least for
It will all be
at least for
What's done is done
what's said is said
it's in the past
so just forget
So don't you worry
forget your strife
and just remember
it'll be alright
It will all be
at least for
It will all be
at least for
I feel you man
life got you down?
you don't see any pint
or anyway out
What tomorrow brings
will just have to wait
but as for now
it'll be okay
It will all be
at least for
It will all be
at least for
The LoveI've fallen in love
with the smell of
My Soap
The foam that it made
so soothing,
so great!
I adore its shape
as round
as a plate
I love how My Soap
slips out of my hand
It's like secret lover
like mate
like a friend
When I went to bed
I smiled
And I said
"I love you, my dear,
you don't have to fear"

I'm happy and free
I thought
Cause' I've fallen in love
with My Soap
Lady Yui Lineart Commission by Stormweaver-Arts

*Scarlet-Harrow has no deviations to showcase

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