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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 16, 2013, 9:33 AM
  • Mood: Big Grin
  • Listening to: Prince Santana - (I'd rather not say the titl

Hello loves! How are you this early afternoon? Are you just as excited as I am?

Well I am happy to say that my One-Year Premium Membership contest has officially closed! I would once again like to thank the many people to contributed prizes. I intend on doing more contests, but I do not think I will ever get a prize list as large as this contest! You are all fantastic, and I love and appreciate all of you! :star:

See the end to know your judges and read information related to the judging process.

I would first like to recognize those who donated prizes!


And now! The beautiful contest entries! Along with the entrants!

SupernovaeWhen Lydia burned out the other day
As adolescence aired its final fumes,
Her crimson casing's cauterizing flame
Congealed into her caustic, cosmic tomb.
But following her nebulous display,
We'd found she'd blossomed beautifully--her plume
Escaped description, though to our despair,
We found no Lydia retained in there.
Celestial Memoriestrust flees from the Earth, dodging the pale moon and
arcing over gaseous planets, setting out to escape this
galaxy…searching for binary stars to settle upon, twin
infernus spheres interlocked with each other’s life…
Greeks believed the Sun revolved around we[aklings],
shoddy excuses for forms of life…knowledgeable of the
world yet ignorant of themselves (and others)…forsaken
intelligence lost amidst bleeding hearts and decaying
cerebral cortices—trapped in pyramidal waves where the
sun hid between bleached stones, shifting sands framing
golden rays—beauty lost in the span of a millennium never
to recover only relapse to supposed greatness…
night and day interlocked—chains of humanity binding
their status—revolving across twelve times two clocks,
dependence choking reality…continuous cycles unbroken
dusk to dawn to dusk to dawn verging onto twilight before
the sun falls and the stars return…as does reali
Contest: Among wishes and dreams by laexdreamCelestial Memories Contest by SureIAm PerseidsThe shards of glass flounder through the sky
With a measured grace.
Cascading through the velvet night
Before they are erased.
I imagine that they are birds,
That flew out into the dark.
A firework show unheard
Performed by sky larks.
They tear up in an atmosphere,
Whose guards set them alight
Like embers from a fire,
That fill the black benight.
Seen is a brief flicker before they fade,
Into the glossy ink above,
The wound left by their blade
Forgotten and healed up.
:thumb348425313: Full Moon and Caffeinated InsaniteaThere are no dreams for one like me
and the moon.
I bottle my thoughts at day and hoard them at night
my astral fears, my ancient premonitions.
I foresaw myself dying inside the belly of a minotaur,
undignified, bleeding,
as Theseus' blade pierces my forehead.
Without warning,
my pastlives flash before my opened eye-
I remember my life as an ant on a mountaintop,
I watch in sorrow as they fall one by one,
wailing, screaming, in various degrees of pain.
I remembered my loved one's hands then.
I remember being alone.
I imagined the gods and goddesses laughing at this.
I imagined slaying the sun.
I imagined a full-fledged war between night and day.
I imagined inventing midnight.
is turning
There is an anarchy of images inside my broken skull.
(My eyes are transforming
into pools of frightened lemonade).
In my head,
there is a corresponding picture to every sound,
every shape, every letter.
I've got throbbing buildings, veiny and b
Celestial MemoriesGod how I have prayed to never fall prey
to the nectarine gossamer caught on the
cornerstone of your mouth,
a celestial house
Lips radiating like redshift,
indomitable as quasars with
enough poignancy to pierce through my very pulse while
you create maps, circumnavigating through these
black holes that you bore into my being and very core as
my spirit surrendered to your summons long before
I am an ocean of stark emptiness and
you are seemingly endless seas of starburst
You leave and I break into
cold sweat, blueshift and pale skin
Memories of starry night, air on the g string and
cigarette stained fingers about coffee drained tongues
hang on for dear life like
deadening leaves on dampening bark fearing the
fast approaching icy drafts
No matter the nebulae and speed of light,
no matter there be an earth or home to return to or not,
you are for always where I end and
In you is my equinox and
together we shall always lay down and
die only to lay in each others arms soon and
MY CONTEST ENTRY: CELESTIAL MEMORIES by cutekawaii96 but I do have feetNote: to fully understand this poem you need a little background knowledge of Greek Mythology. Provided, in the description, is a very brief summary of the myth that inspired this poem. Thank you.
clawing gut,
the Beasts force freedom.
burning throat and searing nose;
they escape into reality.
the strive of uniqueness
a vain endeavor.
a breath on a cold day
memories. (or dust?)
touched by Dolos
(only seeking amusement),
the mind fades
as nightmares long forgotten
horror remaining constant.
(I can not see)
history bound repeat;
time claims another head.
the same mistake: a different face
Fool of the Zeus of zeus
memory is not there
(try grasping particles of gas)
mundane passion now resides.
a puppet forced to dance
(Prometheus whips the string)
the same jig to a jeering crowd.
(never will I learn
we had so much... by Oliver-Winterborne:thumb347515300:Battle of the Stars by WildHeartLovesAll Life's BonfireWhen the time comes
And God calls my name
I will make a stake
Of all my mistakes
All dreams and hopes
Desires and friend
Of all I loved
And the ones who left
On the bottom I will put
Tree climbing, first bike
Always alone at home
That didn't feel right
I don't blame you Mummy
You were so young
I don't blame you Daddy
That you worked all the time
Then will go the pain
That ruined my life
And my childhood was gone
And I wanted to die
Next it's time for the people
Who hurt me or left
So called boyfriends
And forgetful friends
And these few moments
So intimate
I wouldn't dare to tell now
What I did with them
On the top of that pile
I will throw my love
Never fulfilled
Never forgot
And the God will judge me
On all that I did
All I've left after
The proof that I lived
The universeThe magic of the universe is that it never ends
No matter what depths you're in you'll always find a friend
The magic of the universe you can never stop exploring
You could twirl about the milky way, through stars you'd be soaring
The feeling of the universe, soft and gentle skies
Has secret hidden but never telling lies
The feeling of the universe so kind and at bliss
The royal stars my face they did kiss
The wonder of the universe it holds one and all
I'm just something little, something small
The wonder of the universe its galaxies are millions
The length is light years by the trillions
The music of the universe so sweetly it does sing
So rare the music it is made of everything
The music of the  universe speaks of its past
Of all the trials through which it had to last
The beauty of the universe is like nothing else
It makes you look inside yourself
The beauty of the universe isn't prideful or vain
Once you see it you'll never look at anything the same
The universe celestial wi
within a dream by puzzledpixel CelestialI wake laying upon a bed of stars,dark is my first thought. Fear grips me inside, my stomach twists into a knot. But wait,light catches upon my eyelashes, as snowflakes would on a winters day. Yet I feel no cold or warmth, I simply exist. I see no reflection but I feel beautiful, I feel angelic. I look about and find myself in space, somewhere safe and solitary. My surroundings are dark, black, but soft and kind. The dark is illuminated by something else, swirls of stars, of lights.I float with no step, running my had through the majestic Milky Way. I look about, galaxies, near or far off. They all sing in the voices of the universe, each calling to me with there melodic tunes. Never heard by anyone, simple and sweet, yet so beautiful and calming. Some give me hope, others happiness, but yet, others make me feel lonely, a beautiful lonely. I close my eyes, no longer afraid of dark, all the songs merge together into something powerful. Not vain, not prideful, but kind. The music remindsCelestial Memories by dandandanao:thumb344277091::thumb345038063::thumb343943603: Celestial MemoriesThis is a story
I'm sure you all know,
About a lovely little woman
And her Mr. Scarecrow.
It all began
In a small town like any other.
Where our main characters lived:
A little girl, her father, and her mother.
The family lived
In a small farmhouse,
In a tiny little town
[Yes, fit for a mouse].
The children who lived there
Were very close-knit,
But when Tabby wanted to join
Her father threw a fit.
He would sit her down
And tell her ever so nicely,
"You don't need friends,
All you need is family."
Then, little Tabitha
Would walk to her shelf
And play with her toys...
All by herself.
Her mother was the only one
Who noticed Tabby's loneliness.
She was the only one
Who understood her stress.
She tried her best
To distract Tabby's mind.
They played games
Like pretend and search and find.
Sometimes Tabby's mother
Would teach her new things:
Like sewing, and farming, and working with hay,
[The basics for living a pretty nice life]
So that maybe, just maybe, on one fateful day,
Tabby just migh
Celestial Memory Celestial Memory
Every now and again I find myself along this path,
Thinking of everything from the past.
It's all a blur to me today,
I only wish that you could stay.
You've drifted away I can no longer find you,
Believe me, I really want to.
I remember it so easily,
All the moments you were here with me.
From when we were young and always together,
From when we grew apart and brought on the pressure.
The nights when we would stare at the stars,
We'd always said they would be ours.
You're closer to them now than I,
Although it makes me want to cry.
I'll remember you when I look at the stars,
I'll never forget about what was ours.
I will admit, of you I do envy,
Because you are now a Celestial Memory.
Brick by puzzledpixel:thumb342466203: Burnt Sienna IIBurnt Sienna
feet stride slowly along
a trail of sand that stretches past the horizon,
past suns obscured by occasional eddies of stardust.
The traveler makes it all the way to a sizzling, melting moon
before it sends her sloshing back to earth and
crashing once more into the land where the only noise is heat.
The unfortunate soul spits sand and liquid moon rock from cracked,
clay-covered lips and wishes it tasted more like chocolate
than centuries-old copper.
Searing the soles of the wanderer’s feet,
sand scrapes against blisters long popped,
but she rubs lukewarm poultice to stave off the pain.
The motion conjures recollections of other seemingly failed journeys
into the infinity beyond this.
She doesn’t mind-
it only means she has the opportunity to try another path.
memories, yet to beMemories of days gone by
Hazed by age and darker skies
One of few, a cherished prize
Shared by only you and I
I love to watch the children play
Hunting fairies day by day
Imagination, young at heart
Is what you claim your favorite part
When your grasp of adulthood slips
And your mind begins to fray
Freedom from the boring rules
You and I'll go out to play
Hunting fairies as we did
When I was five and you seemed six
Now I'm older, I can see
Your inner child who longs to be
Until the day, when mind decays
My grandma, we shall spend the day
Sharing stories, having fun
Until again you can be young
Memories in the MoonlightMemories of the past...
They shine in the silver light.
There was a time once,
where the future was not bright.
Some things I remember,
are too important to forget.
They are of the things I've done,
and the people I've met.
Like my little sister's smile,
many years in the past.
Those days that we played together,
although they didn't last....
Some memories strike me suddenly,
like a stray shooting star.
How I wrote that first poem,
and how it has gotten me far.
On nights such as this,
I look into the moon.
Letting my thoughts wander,
to that bright day in June.
The day that we met,
the ideas that we've shared,
the emotions we've felt,
and how deeply you cared....
The memories of you,
shine down from above.
The beauty of the heavens,
is the one that I love.
These celestial memories,
I will always hold dear.
Thanks to you Luna,
Our future is clear.
:thumb342151619: They were only celestial memoriesThey were only celestial memories,
dead before they were doused,
They were only the beacons
of my entire life, leading me,
lights shining in the darkness,
(Darkness even a shadow could become lost in)
to something I hoped wouldn't be
a plummeting cliff or swirling black hole
Something that wouldn't
remind me of the forces of gravity
Or sweep me off to a bitter dark unknown
They were only everything
that my life had been and would be
But they were nothing,
looking so alive and bright,
But were secretly dead.
Astral Notions
There is only acceptance.
Nothing closes
when ruins of ancient tenderness
loiter in the air.
A bare touch imprinted
on the skin will burn eternal
even as years dull the sorrow.
There is only acceptance.
There is no closure
when random whiffs
of familiarity
trigger a silhouette of you,
somewhere out there
wondering if you are missed.
Midnight SkyLooking upon the midnight sky
There is something that catches my eye:
Tis the clarity of this deep night sky
And with the moon standing by
There is something that catches my eye
The bright stars, twinkling like a firefly
And with the bright moon standing by
I cannot help but to sigh
The bright stars, twinkling like a firefly
It's imprinted in my mind's eye
I cannot help but to sigh
Since I'll keep this scene 'till I die.
It's imprinted in my mind's eye
So I can let time tick on by
Since I'll keep this scene 'till I die
And remember the beauty of the midnight sky
And with the bright moon standing by
I cannot help but to sigh
Since I'll keep this scene 'till I die
And remember the beauty of the midnight sky
To the little girl I once wasTo the little girl I once was, and I will never be again- this is for you.  
One day you will look to the sky; dwelling in what are now celestial memories, they are stardust now. There will come a time when you will be too tired to function; living will seem futile, no life will seem futile- all that work, and you will still just die and be part of the great nothingness of the past.  You will look back on memories; and cry for them; because all the happiness all the emotions they once held have died all too long ago.  The people in them are no longer your friends, their surface scratched away years ago, and they left dents in your heart that no new people will fix.  The new people will be added to the list of people you hate, trust will be given and taken more times than you could count on your fingers at five.  Loneliness will visit like the sun, it will spot your pain and reveal the truth of it all to you.  You will look through the music that was once a huge part of your life, liste
Celestial MemoriesLike rocket fuel
You made me rise
I saw the stars
Within your eyes
Your lips
So soft.
Gave me
Celestial Memories: How we took off
Your quiet laugh
The sonic boom
As we embraced
In my bedroom
On every gift
Through every smile
On planets paused
We stayed a while
Celestial Memories: Crafted with guile
We saw Venus
We saw Mars
Likened ourselves
Binary stars
On Saturn's rings
Our love was lost
Those gaseous fumes!
Those powdery rocks!
Celestial Memories: Like taking drugs
Now I'm on Earth
You're on Saturn
So far apart
The love is gone
Celestial Memories: What we've become.
A Neglected Memory by spotnick97:thumb335961765: Hopes and DreamsI have kept my hopes and dreams in a box.
Underneath my bed.
Because I have learned that because of these things you can get hurt.
People tell you, you can't write.
That you can't sing.
That you can't dance.
Why do they say this?
Because they are a lose cause that just want to make themselves feel better.
I take my hopes and dreams out of the box slowly and steadily.
So I can face my challenges one at a time.
One day I might let them all out.
But I'm not ready yet.
I will face all my challenges eventually.
I know it is inevitable.
I know it is bound to happen.
But no matter what anyone says.
I will write.
I will sing. 
I will dance.
And no one is going to stop me.
:thumb335886094: On the Sea Beneath the SkyGolden flickers danced on the pale faces of the circle, hushed whispers wafting out from the gathering by the glowing coals. It was the third night of the coming-of-age, the no-longer-little ones from each of the surrounding tribes taken out together in the openness of the untamed world. There were a few in the group that stood out, discernible even in the thick coverings of the night. There was Jiu-yeil, son of the carpenters, impressive form already bulging with strength and muscle more fitting of a man twice his size. The brothers, Senniare and Elieten of cloth-maker, sat donned in simple but the finest of all their travelling robes. And very slightly apart from the throng of a dozen others was the quiet Meiella, orphaned as an infant, niece of medicine woman.
The air was cool, but the wind only light. As the flames burned low, a tall figure stepped out of the shadows—Och'jiana, the leader of the rite. She was neither old nor young, hair pulled back in the habit of the femal
Path of DreamsThe winter months can be cold
It makes a tingle in my nose
By smelling roses in a summer evening
With stars that blink
Twirling down like fire
Never ending my desire
Dreaming big
And going far
Veiwing wonders yet untold
With acting thunders
My love unbolds
Like a flower
Lightening power
Power to hold onto
Everything lost
But much to gain
Many dreams yet to be reached
Many memories yet to be touched
:thumb332476211::thumb331478768::thumb331380993: A celestial songOnce upon a time when deep Voices spoke to me from far away, I was grateful to these listening.
It was like an anxiously waiting, all my thoughts were moments when everything was sublime.
And now that the Voices are gone I still remember it in my mind.
These are my memories, when the World was closer to the chaotic stars, before it took its present form. I was alone and I was waiting the Voices.
I admit that I hadn't link with this World that was growing, but this was the era when the Voices rang loud and uninterrupted. Only in stillness I had the opportunity to realize that there was a small silent planet near me.
This was a long time ago, but, since there wasn't the Time, it may be that the whole story took place in a few moments; until the advent of Voice-child .
It was hard to hear, when came the strong clamor of heavenly Voices and she seemed to understand that it was useless to scream and was limited to a whisper as quiet confession.
I heard her Voice. She captured me.
Maybe I ha

Mature Content

Phoenix Unleashed by NesStitch
Celestial Findings by ChaosFay A Matter of Pride  I had heard of Hubris before. It means having godlike arrogance. I never figured that it would apply to me however, considering that I am a god. Imprisoned by my fellows for my pride, my arrogance, the problems it caused between us.
       I had felt a deep anger towards my brothers in the beginnings. I had done no wrong in my mind, had hurt no one. But now, as the centuries pass and drag there weary feet along, the anger lessens, and sadness overcomes it. I will not wither, I will not die. Buried in the darkest abyss, never again to see the sun.
       I was told as a boy that as a god, nobody could deny me anything. I took those words to heart it seems, and those words are what caused my downfall. I demanded of my brothers more than they could give. I demanded of them everything, and they loved me enough to give me all they had. I wanted more, in my folly, in my youth, and did not see that I dema
:thumb328143785:Dream On by SprinkleSprankles:thumb320180788: ConstellationsConstellations wrung of
Their bright
Celestial grace blazing
On pavement
The Milky Way
Sings in
Winged guardians sail
In seventh
GoneThe night sky loomed above, overcast with the recent showers. Fog gathered in clusters, suffocating the base of the mountains of the surrounding valley. Thousands of luminous lights dotted the charcoal sky, as if leading a wanderer to the goal of their expedition.
In the center of it all, the world falls away, worries are forgotten, simple anxiety is melted away. Memories tasting of nectar fill the mind, drawing a smile from dissatisfied lips.
Stretch out against the flourishing hills, let the pasture pillow a descent as a breeze carrying the scent of lilies makes its way into the secluded area.
Watch the remaining light of the sun seep into darkness, disappearing into the horizon until all's left is a brilliant reminiscence. The diminutive lanterns that had been fixated on the night sky becoming much more apparent.
Wait, and one will see.
The past is long gone, the future yet to bring surprises.
Live in the present.
Or the chance will be gone.
Just as a shooting star that very night w
Celestial Memories. by LiMa-JuLiEt Celestial MemoriesI climbed the rooftop, the twilight bright
And stopped to sit before the wonderous sight.
Purple skies, with clouds of grey
Stars in the night, lighting the way.
Planets, way beyond our galaxy
The meteoroids darting, so carefree.
I stop to breathe, what's it like be there?
Beyond the Milky Way, to who-knows-where?
All the night, the celestial dreams
Shining so bright, though nothing but old memories.
Scorpio, Aries, all the same
Just sitting there, resting, on a foreign plane.
And though the night seems to last forever,
The lights, the stars, seem to get dimmer.
I watch, and wait, eyeing the rise
And watching the last of the falling stars fly.
:thumb324580731: Edge of RealityRemember that time we were only thirteen,
The first time I met you, you made me believe
In castles in the sky, and people in the sea,
Your beautiful mind in all of its majesty;
Remember that time, we were fresh out of school,
Ignorant and young, no regard for the rules,
We snuck down to the lake, and took back a few,
And together we slept, my arms warm around you
I'm standing here at the edge of reality,
Darling, please don't feel obliged to follow me,
Just close your eyes, it'll be over soon,
Goodbye, my dear, I will always love you;
Whatever lay beyond dear, where ever it may be,
Whether Heaven or Hell remains yet to be seen,
I'll wait for you, dear, yeah, we'll make it through,
Goodbye, my darling, I will always love you;
Remember that time I took you down to the beach,
Standing in the surf, God, we never felt so free,
I opened a box, and got down on one knee,
With tears in your eyes you said you would marry me;
Remember that time, with the kids off to school,
The arguments we had,
Celestial Free-WriteIn the beginning... if you can call it a beginning... there are more dimensions than we typically perceive.. time itself sits like a book in a room, but not just any book.  Time is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book.  Any adolescent can describe it – you get to the end of the page and it asks you where to go next.  The page is already written even if the decision if not.  The pages of the decisions not taken are already written also, as are the pages resulting from the decisions not taken... and so on.  Time is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book where the decisions are infinite and intersect with the story lines of every other consciousness reading the same book, but ultimately there is only one book.  Ultimately there is only one consciousness broken down into various journeys across the infinite number of story lines in the book that is already written.  Was there a time before the book was written? Does Celestial MemoriesCelestial Memories:
When we saw stars as
Small bright dots
Not giant balls of fire.
Celestial Memories:
When we saw the moon
And thought to ourselves
"Who is that man on it?"
And now we no longer care.
Celestial Memories:
When we wonder why
The Sun leaves at night
But now we know
Its always there.
Celestial Memories,
Childhood Memories

Now! Time for the judges!


Death Wears Pinstripes Chapter 1: Second Chances                                    Darkness is an endless river, a river in which the souls of the dead swim in an eternal cycle through oblivion.
She flowed quite easily in darkness, with her limbs lingering in an unfamiliar—yet accommodated—numbness. She was floating and at the same time sinking, bending and dipping like a leaf being dragged through the currents. And like a leaf, she had no awareness of her own self. Cold, damp hands ran over her body, trailing over the only source of certainty she was sure of. No sound could be heard, and no light could be seen—were her eyes closed? Did she even have eyelids? Shaky hands moved upwards—no, they moved linearly; a world like this had no concept of up and down.
Darkness smelled of earth, and bubbled like a sea of lava. It pained her ears as it rang vividly though her body. She searched desperately for the source, but the weight of darkness slowed her movements. She travelled with no understanding of time,
With Hands Meant For Holding.Even with our fingers woven
I watched you slip away,
and in that juncture I realized
our hearts stopped beating in the tune
of the meager melody I was composing in my head.
I had often found myself lurking
around vinegar-scented memories until
I stumbled, inebriated by the bitter
essence that slipped through my mucous
membranes and straight to my brain.
Because death passed through me,
and left the remains of a
child too afraid of the dark, but
afraid of the light even more.
So by instinct I took your hand,
and looked up to you for my
protection, and those fingers--
extensive and encouraging--enveloped
me into a cage that only you could open.
Maybe it was irrational, to expect you
to be two people: mine and theirs,
but maybe it was just a thought to hold:
the sentiment that your essence really was eternal.
And the moment our metronomes
ceased beating, and it was prominent
that I could not split you in half;
not that I desired half--your arms
were all I needed around me.
Our woven finge


Midnight Quest: PrologueThe moon was high in the sky and glazing down on the silent kingdom. The wooden forest shield that surrounded them was sturdy and still and nothing, not even the wind, made a sound. The stars twinkle brightly, even with the relaxing night clouds just drift through the sound. But when the moon light finally pushed it way through the clouds, a lonely howl awakened the whole forest from its deep sleep. Animals started to send their secret messages. And the wind used the leaves as their messages of a certain disturbance in the forest. At that moment, shadows where formed. They were rushing to and fro. There was one, then two, soon four and much, much more. Alarms then rang, and lights soon illuminate through out the town. The people in the kingdom soon drowsily got up to see what was the big emergency. The people gathered to the center of the town awaiting for the answer. The guards that protected this quaint town stood dead center for all towns folk to see. All bursting with questions. On DarknessIt seems from time to time
we get lonely
but yet
we are never alone
We are between to beings
the light
and the dark
Most have chosen the path of light
others loved the dark
Me, I wasn't taken yet
but I guess it was time now
I lay in a room
half shining with light
the other was shrouded in darkness
I guess I had to chose
The light had came
Guessing that I would go
But I made me feel disgusted
It knew I was getting closer to the dark than the light
So it took me by the hand
and drag me away
The closer I got to the light
the more It made me weak
I knew I wasn't for the light
But what could I do
Inches away from sealing the deal
But then it came
the one that seemed to be right for me
It snatched me from its grasp
and dragged my back to safety
The light struggled to take me back
but I had already chosen
The shadow formed into a being
held out its hand
I knew it was right
It seemed more comforting
so we left
deep into the clutches of the shadows
Into the darkness


Transientif I went searching I'd find you in the sky,
again, inebriated and make-believing you
can really breathe stars.
if I tried to take you back, you'd weep
your glass tears and slur together the
meanings of "wait" and "I know"
(no weight, hollow)
you'd try to paint your mind
on the wall, always the misunderstood
artist- maybe in a divine exposition,
people could finally hear you and
that little world would writhe in your hands,
barbed and entwined; the currents carry
your whispers (but no one ever hears)
you're choking on the remorse lodged in
between the vertebrae of your throat,
the people who were never real, the
letters to God yet unsent
(you couldn't bear the chance he
might respond)
you never counted on this- no one
told you we have an expiration date
stamped into our wrists, and
you just want Life to float over
and nestle in your ears "you've
done it, sweetie" in liquid tones.
she'll kiss your seeping wounds, so
softly, "c'est la mort," with splintered
teeth, and it'll be enough.
The Ravenyour fragile body breaks, despite your moans
a promenade on whims for privileged souls
much like a bird, you fly with hollow bones
a dog who begs at the foot of their throne
in the corner, your limber body folds
your fragile body breaks, despite your moans
a mask of feathers hides your face, unknown
while sweetly singing sorrowed songs to lull
much like a bird, you fly with hollow bones
a treasured prize of the unruly crones
at night, does your anguished body grow cold?
your fragile body breaks, despite your moans
a pretty bird who flutters all alone
weighed down by chains- should you try to act bold
much like a bird, you fly with hollow bones
your lovely songs have resigned undertones
while withering in your firm captors' hold
your fragile body breaks, despite your moans
much like a bird, you fly with hollow bones
Condemnedtheir eyes,
golden with hate,
glint in the darkness.
they are everywhere...
they stand among the others ignorant of all my crimes,
still unsullied by judgement though tense and apprehensive
until my vain denials weaponize the vial truth.

...slowly it spreads.
all eyes glint golden.
I can't be saved.


From 17 January to 22 January, the judges will be looking and discussing the pieces. Judging will be held in APictureToA1000Words chat. Non-entrants are welcome to come watch and chat with us.

The FIRST WAVE of judging will look at all of the pieces and do the following:

:bulletyellow: Find any pieces that do not fit with the theme
:bulletyellow: For those who have multiple entries, one of their pieces will be picked.

With that, entries will said to be a SEMI-FINALIST, and you can view your status at any time in the Semi-Finalist folder here

note: Entries will constantly be switched, added, removed and put in the many folders. There is no definite place in the Semi-Finalist folder.

The SECOND WAVE of judging will then pick the thirteen winners--who will be called FINALISTS. When entrants view this folder, it will not tell you if you won or not. But simply tell you that you were a finalist and will receive a prize of some sort. You will find out the winners on the 23 of January.

You can keep up with the Finalist folder here

During the 23 of January, if you have any dispute of any kind regarding your place or other issue, you are more than welcome to :note: me. I would love to give all of you prizes! But unfortunately I cannot afford that!

On 24 January, prizes will be delivered and those who offered art as prizes will be notified by me that they have donated a prize and should contact the winners immediately. If you do not receive any contact within a decent time period, please notify me.

This was a great contest! I hope everyone is just as excited for the winners as I am! :star:


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autumnlit Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
There is so much art to look at! :iconcocoloveplz: Have the winners been announced yet?
CelestialMemories Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Not yet. :star:
Lightningbutterflies Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Student General Artist
snowjoe72 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'm not expecting anything, but I am very happy to have had this chance to participate. Thank you to you and all the other people involved for giving me this opportunity. :)
CelestialMemories Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
We were very happy to have you participate! Good luck! :star:
megsamirafauth Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
I'm very excited to see who wins. I have a few friends who also took part in this, so I'm hoping they do well. :D
CelestialMemories Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Good luck!
megsamirafauth Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
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You got that right!
Natural-NW Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah. Um can you send me a link to the chat, I can't seem to find it XP
lyricalred Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Wow, there are some truly breathtaking pieces in there...
What a talented bunch! Good luck to all who entered. ♥
CelestialMemories Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
VendemiaireWings Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
There are so many competitors, wow!
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You guys are so organised! WOW!!
Good luck to everybody! :star:
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